I am…calm

It is truly amazing to me the calm I have felt the last few weeks since trying to get into the DOC and blogging.  I have read through the blogs of 15 or 20 different parents, mom’s and individuals with Type 1 diabetes in their lives.  I first started reading Six Until Me a few months after Ellie was diagnosed.  I was immediately addicted to not only her awesome talent for writing but her voice as a woman with Type 1.  A woman like my little girl will be someday.  Kerri gives the gift of hope…that is a huge gift to a mother who has just been told her daughter of 3 tender years will live the rest of her life with this disease.  Four short months after Ellie was diagnosed she was celebrating her 4th birthday with a Dora cupcake and a huge smile.  This was done with confidence, this whole ordeal has been a hot bed for insecurity and by God we are getting more and more confident everyday.   That is a source of pride for the whole family, but damn if that beast doesn’t shake your confidence in a blink of an eye.  Having access to the DOC gives hope on a regular basis, at will, and when in need.  That my D-parent peers IS AMAZING! 

I think of my mother-in-law 36 years ago.  Her daughter (my husbands oldest sister) was diagnosed at the age of 6 in Oketo, KS.  She had the urine sticks and the meal plan…that’s it.  That’s it!?  No endocrinologist, no meter, no fast acting insulin…no DOC to refer to or share with.  She sees me with Ellie now.  The meters, pumps, CGM and constant access to information and help.  It blows her mind I think.  I have been married for 7 years as of last Monday and I have to say when Ellie was diagnosed…I became instantly closer to my sister-in-law, who by the way  was and still is my ‘in person’ D rock.  She not only endured my panic and fear in the form of constant calls for the first 2-3 months of Ellie’s diagnosis, she was and still is my go to when I need that look of “it is ok, you are doing a good job”.  I have actually said to her that I was soooo glad she had Type 1 diabetes, no matter how horrible of a statement that is! 

 Without Envy was the first blog written by a parent that I found (through Six Until Me of course).  I devoured it.  Finally reading words from a man who knew and could express what I as well as my husband and family had been experiencing on a daily basis.  From Without Envy I found all the D-Mom’s and their blogs…instantly I knew I had to try to blog and communicate…participate in this blog thing!  Having participated now, feeling the energy and connection…relaxed me a bit, still tired foggy during the day like always.  But not near as angry, not near as fearful and not near as alone as I’ve felt for 9 long months.

Thanks everyone.  (yes…crying right now)


P.S.  On a lighter note…I promise to figure out how this damn blog page, decorating, tagging, pictures on your site thing works!!!  You all have beautiful sites (and children by the way!).  I just have NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING!!!  I just purchased my first ever laptop and have internet for the first time in 5 years at home!!!  HA HA!  I feel awful that I don’t know how to add the blogs I like on the page for clickin’ on and the picture at the top of my page IS NOT my back yard!  Don’t even know who the person is in the picture walking!  LOL  I’ll get there, I know people who can set me up!  Soooooo, coming soon to the DOC…a nice looking blog page about my Ellie Lee and the D.

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23 Responses to I am…calm

  1. Reyna says:

    I can totally relate. I just started blogging about 9 months ago now. I didn’t start until late in the game, but it has helped me immensely. Welcome…and I like the picture of the stranger walking through the peaceful woods on the header. It is calming! LOL.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the mention, Sara. I am happy to have provided some comfort in knowing that you — all of us — are not alone. I look forward to following your and Ellie’s story as it unfolds. All the best.

  3. Heidi says:

    I just discovered your blog, and I’m glad to “meet” you. The DOC is awesome!

    I can’t imagine what life must’ve been like for your mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I’m so grateful for the medical treatments and technology that we have today!

  4. Jen says:

    Hi Sara,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Welcome to the DOC! Glad to have you amongst the ranks. I have found GREAT comfort in the other parents AND PWD’s I have connected with online and writing is truly a great release for me at the end of the day. Looking forward to following you on your journey!

  5. Sherry says:

    Welcome!! I love the picture at the top! Looks so serene. I laughed at your confession that it isn’t your backyard. It’s a good thing it isn’t because I think I’d be packing up and moving in if it were. *giggle*

    Looking forward to reading more…

  6. Lorraine says:

    Hello. Lovely to meet you. My son was diagnosed at a similar age to your daughter and he’s now 7.

    Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

  7. Shannon says:

    HI! Welcome to the “family” I hate to have to say that but glad we are all here for eachother.. I have a son who is 18 months old who was DX in Feburary right before his 1st birthday. I am here if you need to chat or need anything this group of families has been so welcoming to me and has been there through a lot with me. I am glad we can add your blog to our group:)

  8. Meri says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!! I’m so glad you found the DOC. Wonderful people! Wonderful support!

    ~calm is good!

  9. Denise says:

    I too am pretty new to the DOC and haven’t figured out the fancy stuff either but I am blogging and finding comfort in others I have “met” here. Welcome!!

  10. Rachael says:

    Hi. I am not a mom or have a child with D, but I have T1 D and as strange as it sounds, I feel like I deal with a lot of the same problems the moms do personally. I can relate to staying up all night with crazy BS, and try to keep level at work and try to live a normal life. It seems like those things never go away, except you become the person personally dealing with it and not someone else.

    I am new to Blogging myself. I find such inspiration and hope when I read everyone’s BLOG because I can’t imagine what it is like trying to be a mom dealing with the life of their child. I commend you all, and if I could I would give you a giant hug, because not only are you giving your children a healthy life, but you are inspiring others, and changing how the world sees a “disease” that has so many negative notions about it. For that, I THANK YOU!!!!!

    With much admiration for all the fighters out there!

  11. Misty says:

    Welcome to the DOC Sara! Your words are written beautifully. It describes exactly how I felt when I found this wonderful blogging world. I am new to the game too, my daughter was dx in Feb 2009 at age 5, but I just started blogging a little over 6 months ago. It is therapeutic for sure! And I’ve met so many wonderful people that I consider friends, if only in my computer 🙂

    I blog at http://www.boxofchocolatesblog.com

  12. Stephanie says:

    I, too, am SO thankful for this community. It has helped me immensely to know that all of my feelings are normal and that I have an awesome group of women to get advice from. I am glad you started blogging!

  13. Cindy says:

    It’s an amazing resource, isn’t it? It’s incredible how close you can feel to a group of people without ever meeting them in person! Welcome to the community!

  14. Joanne says:

    I don’t know where I’d be without all the wonderful support I’ve gotten from my D-peeps over the last two years. I love this community and they are like family to me. I am so glad you’ve found us!

  15. Sarah says:

    I started blogging when my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as a way for him to keep connected to the grandkids when he was stuck in the hospital and they couldn’t visit either due to time or illness. So, we’re new too…I’ve found it’s incredibly therapeutic and just helps to re-align my day, lets me see what matters and how some days are incredibly better or worse than others. I think the DOC is fantastic and has helped me to know I’m not alone, but even better has been the local parents of children with diabetes group that meets every month. Just knowing there are others near here that are able to understand fully what we’re going through is priceless. Welcome to the community you never knew existed, don’t want to join, but accepts you completely.

  16. Wendy says:


    I started blogging about 2 years ago, but just started over last month. As for the decorating stuff….it’ll come. No worries 🙂 I like the calmness feel here, but it’s your blog and you can do what you want!!!!!

    Happy to “meet” you!

  17. Hi there new friend!! I think your blog looks great!!
    I look forward to getting to know you better. I could not have survived the last year without these fabulous D Mamas and the DOC. What a blessing!!

  18. Heather says:

    I too just started blogging about diabetes about 8 months ago. I can tell you I wish to God I had started it sooner. Although, seriously it came right when I needed it. The friends and support I have from the DOC is priceless. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  19. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your blog will take shape in no time.

    Welcome to the community!

    You might want to read the “Meet a D-Mom” feature on my blog as I introduce families and share their stories every other Monday. You can also join D-Mom and D-Dad Connection, a social networking site for parents of children with diabetes (http://www.dmomblog.ning.com). It’s just getting off the ground.

    I also started reading Six Until Me as one of the first diabetes blogs (Kerri is awesome) for the same reasons you mention. It was nice to see an adult T1 who was living her living and really thriving. (See also Lemonade Life written by Allison Blass.) I have been writing a parenting blog for four years, but began writing about diabetes a couple of months after my daughter’s diagnosis.

  20. Lora says:

    Thanks for you comment on my blog… it is wonderful to “meet” ya 🙂
    I so know what you mean about the online community. I feel so “at home” here. Everyone has always been so supportive and loving.

    You are also very lucky to have family that REALLY gets it… I can only imagine how much of a difference that makes. I look forward to reading lots more about you guys.

  21. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog…it is always fun (if a little sad) to meet new D moms and dads. I have only been blogging in the DOC since February of this year, but these amazing people have saved my sanity in so many ways. I felt so isolated before and now, even when I am unable to post or read others’ blogs as much as I would like, I feel so connected to so many amazing people!

  22. If you want to email me at houstonwehaveaproblemblog@gmail.com
    I would love to chat off of the public forum — 🙂

  23. Shannon says:

    I started blogging last year when my daughter was diagnosed (she’s 10 now) and Kerri’s was the first blog I found as well. The DOC is a wonderful resource and reading about everyone’s stories makes me feel less alone for sure.

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